LIPOGEMS - The advantages

LIPOGEMS - The device

The Lipogems® device is a class II A single-use medical device for the processing of lipoaspirated adipose tissue.

The unit consists of a transparent plastic cylinder with filters and beads for the micro-fracturing of adipose tissue.

The filters are fitted with Luerlock® connectors to make it easy and safe to attach the syringes containing lipoaspirates and those for the collection of processed tissue.

The tubes that guarantee the constant flow of saline solution and the elimination of waste products are connected to the cylinder.

The tubes connected to the filters have a device for the blocking/unblocking of the saline solution; this mechanism is simple and safe.

The processing unit along with the cannulas and set of syringes make up the Lipogems® kit.

Besides the standard Lipogems® kit, it is possible to make up a personalized kit depending on the pathology to be treated and the operator’s requirements.

LIPOGEMS - The system

The Lipogems® method consists of a single-use kit for the lipoaspiration, processing and deployment of adipose tissue.

The entire process is carried out in one surgical step.

Through a minimal enzyme-free manipulation in a sealed, sterile device, there is a gradual reduction of the adipose clusters and the elimination of oily and hematic residue with a pro-inflammatory content.

The entire process is performed with immersion in a saline solution which makes it possible to minimize any trauma to the cellular products.

An important feature of the Lipogems® product is its ability to maintain intact stromal vascular niches which contain mesenchymal cells and perycites.

The Lipogems® product obtained this way is a micro-fractured non-expanded adipose tissue intended for autologous use.

The objective of the Lipogems® product is to favor the natural regenerative process of tissues and it is used in numerous pathologies.